Local Cab rides anywhere on the island

Cabs are typically available to pick you up within 10-15 minutes depending on your location and how busy we are.

Airport rides available

Rides are available to all local airports for fixed prices. Please contact us for prices.

Scheduled Pickups

If you would like to schedule a pickup in advance, we can set up a pickup appointment with you.

Average Fares:

  from Norfolk Airport...
  to Kill Devil Hills          $150.00

  to Duck                      $175.00

  to Corolla                   $190.00
to Manteo/CVS             $200.00
to Airport/Aquarium       $250.00

NC Taxicab Fares:

$3.00 flag fee  +  $2.10/mi (=$0.35 per min wait, up to $18.00

$0.35 per 1/6 mile)

Feel free to contact us at 252-255-5555 or at or using the form below, with any feedback or about any issues, problems, questions, etc. Thanks!